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I am a collective member at the amazing, volunteer-run Papercut Zine Library in Cambridge, MA.  PZL is a fully functioning lending library with over 14,000 zines in circulation.  I also make my own zines, some of which are available for distribution (in hard copy or pdf).  I donate all proceeds from zine sales directly to Papercut, but I’m also open to doing trades.  Email drawmedy(at)gmail(dot)com to order a zine.




“A Couch Surfer’s Guide to some fun stuff to do in Boston.”  $2.00 or trade

I started hosting couch surfers last summer and made this zine as a little guide book to Boston for visitors.




“Mark of Cain”  $2.00 or trade

I made this zine after getting my first tattoo.  See a review by cartoonist Matt Reidsma.  It is available through Microcosm Publishing.




“Inked”  $3.00 or trade

A comic anthology about tattoos!  I solicited contributions for this after making Mark of Cain.




“Creative Union”  $3.00 or trade

My partner and I made this zine on the occasion of our 10th anniversary to explain our decision to not get married.





“Zines and the Classroom”
This is a collaborative “flash zine” made with participants in the workshop for educators I ran at PZL.

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